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I am a travel advisor specializing in travel to Europe and North America, as well as planning trips to other destinations around the world. Click here to explore my services and let me help you plan your next adventure!

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Meet Your Travel Advisor

Laura Bakelaar

I am a travel advisor (and an avid traveler!), and I’ve spent the last 15 years making travel an essential part of my life. I’ve traveled throughout much of Europe, across many areas of North America, as well as the Caribbean, and Mexico. While I love to travel, working as a travel advisor allows me to share this passion and gift with others. I am passionate about researching every aspect of the places I visit and/or plan for, I am diligent about organizing logistics, and I work arduously to create the best trips possible that check all the boxes for all travelers! My promise as your travel advisor is to bring this dedication, organization, and excitement to you to make your travel planning easy and your trips everything you’ve dreamed they could be!


I offer a remarkable blend of comprehensive industry knowledge, and a natural talent for orchestrating memorable experiences. Based in Hoboken, New Jersey, I am committed to serving a broad spectrum of travelers— be it the brand-new traveler, the daredevil adventurist, the history enthusiast, the foodie, or the newly married, each client enjoys a tailor-made journey to fulfillment. My familiarity goes beyond the conventional, embracing experiences from wine-infused holidays, river cruises, and independent adventures to letting loose in the global nightlife scene. My years of traversing the world offer me unique expertise, and with my relationship with top travel suppliers, I can meet all of your travel needs and beyond. My keen eye for detail ensures not only seamless logistics but I also promise an unforgettable journey. Let me turn your vacation dreams into memories! 

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